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Windows Vista Driver Update

Driver Detective software is a great tool for scanning the driver files that are required to make your computer and your hardware devices (onboard and external devices) run smoothly without any device driver related issues and disturbances.

If you don't have a copy of Driver Detective yet, you can click this link to download Driver Detective and run a Free Driver Scan.

Let us then consider how to use this tool for Windows Vista Driver Update update to fix or prevent card reader device driver related issues with ease on your Windows Vista-based PC.

Let us take the onboard/built-in card reader of HP Compaq Presario A900 Notebook PC as an example.

One of the hardware devices that are giving troubles and headaches to PC users is the onboard card reader, and some of the issues that have been encountered with this device include inability to access the files stored in a media card or inability for the computer to read the media cards being inserted in the Card Reader slot.

Such issues can be due to outdated, corrupted, or missing card reader drivers, and as mentioned, Driver Detective will be able to fix these problems with ease and it will help you prevent such issues from troubling your Vista-based PC. Let us take a hands-on example for our discussion, and you can also follow the steps provided below if you want to update or install up-to-date Vista driver files.

A. The first thing you must do is to scan your computer with Driver Detective, and on your part, you can install Driver Detective on your computer and run a Free Driver Scan. Navigate to to read about how to install Driver Detective software on your computer.

B. After the installation, you can now click the Scan Now button, and then a detailed driver scan results will be provided for you. Below is an example of the Driver Detective scan results, and as shown by the Scan Summary, there are 20 out of date drivers and 1 device with no drivers.

Screemshot 01: Driver Detective Scan Results

As also shown above, the card reader driver for the USB 2.0 Card Reader of our example (HP Compaq Presario A900) is marked as out of date.

C. You can further check the details of the outdated drivers by clicking the Driver Info link below the 'Next' button, and as shown below, the currently installed card reader driver files are dated 27/10/2010, while the driver update was released 01/03/2012.

Screemshot 02: Driver Info of Realtek Card Reader

As shown above, the recommended driver files to be donwloaded are compatible with both Windows Vista 32 and 64-bit OS.

D. The next step is to update the outdated card reader Vista driver files and you can continue with this step by clicking the big blue 'Next' button in the scan results window. However, this feature is only available for registered copy of Driver Detective software, and you can follow this link to learn how to register Driver Detective.

E. After clicking the 'Next' button, you will just need to wait until the download ends.

Screemshot 03: Downloading Driver Files

F. After a successful download, a confirmation window will ask you if you would like to install the downloaded driver files now, and you just need to click the 'Yes' button to extract and install these driver files.

Screemshot 04: Extracting and Installing the Downloaded Driver Files

G. After installing the downloaded Vista device drivers on your computer, Driver Detective software will ask you if the installed driver was working correctly, and you can let it be detected by Driver Detective for you by selecting the option 'Detect it for me'.

Screemshot 05: Innstallation Completed

H. You can then re-scan your computer and check if the out-of-date card reader driver files have been updated.

Screemshot 06: Driver Detective Re-Scan Results

You can further check the Driver Info about the device driver version of your up-to-date drivers.

Screemshot 07: Driver Info (Updated Drivers)

This example of updating the card reader driver of a Windows Vista-based PC shows how effective Driver Detective software is for the task of Up-to-Date Driver Search and Download