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Is Driver Detective a Scam?

In this discussion, we will consider some points that will help you to answer the question "Is Driver Detective a Scam?" We will briefly discuss the profile of the official company catering this software, and the features and some of the achievements earned by Driver Detective software.

Driver Detective
is one of the Automatic Driver Update Software available online. It is a product of PC Drivers HeadQuarters (DHQ), and it is also a widely known program when it comes to Driver Scanning and Downloading Technology.

As an Automatic Driver Update Software, Driver Detective is expected to provide reliable driver scan results, and deliver the correct driver updates for the scanned hardware devices. It is expected to solve hardware device troubles due to missing, corrupted, and outdated device drivers.

Now let us consider the company profile and the Driver Detective software to further answer the question "Is Driver Detective a Scam?"

As mentioned, Driver Detective is a product of PC Drivers HeadQuaters (DHQ), a company that is already 15 years in Driver Scanning and Downloading Technology. What makes a company remain stable and at the same time provide one of the leading products on a particular field is a strategy that online businesses want to achieve.

That is what PC Drivers HeadQuarters achieved so far, as a globally trusted driver updates authority. At the present time, Driver Detective has the access to 27+ million associated device drivers, and these numbers are still increasing.
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When it comes to the product itself, Driver Detective is among the award winning automatic driver update software. As a driver update tool, Driver Detective is equipped with the most effective and Driver Scanning Engine (DSE) available.

Aside from the most comprehensive scan technology available online, Driver Detective also consults with Microsoft (by default) for available driver updates during the driver scan process.

At present, Driver Detective has the most comprehensive and complete device driver database, and to clear any of your doubts, you can actually check the driver updates to be downloaded after the driver scan process.

This feature is very helpful for you to ensure that the recommended driver updates are correct and compatible with your PC.

As a Driver Update Software, Driver Detective is an award winning driver update tool. Some of these honorific awards came from SOFTPEDIA, tucows, GEEK Files, Brothersoft, and many more. It is also currently partnered with Norton Antivirus by Symantec.

Points to Remember

As you can see, it is very clear that the answer to our question "Is Driver Detective a Scam?" is clearly NO. In more than 15 years in the driver scanning and downloading technology, Driver Detective is still available online, and it is one of the most widely known driver update tools.

It is not a dysfunctional business product, but very active software being maintained and still being enhanced by a globally trusted driver update authority, which is PC Drivers HeadQuarters.

Being partnered with Microsoft and Norton Antivirus by Symantec (each was a software giant in their respective field,) Driver Detective deserve your trust as a PC user. If you would like to know more about this software, you can read about the topic, Is Driver Detective Safe.

If you want to experience the effectiveness of Driver Update Software firsthand, you can click this link to Run a Free Driver Detective Scan. To conclude, Driver Detective is not a SCAM, it is legitimate and very reliable Automatic Driver Update Software.