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Is Driver Detective Safe?

There are lots of benefits and features provided by Driver Detective, and all of them offer reliable and satisfying performance. On the other hand, if you still doubt if Driver Detective is safe for your computer, then you should consider some of the most important facts and evidence. Below are some of the features of Driver Detective that will definitely convince you that it is safe for your PC.

  • Product of Drivers HeadQuarters

    Driver Detective is a product of PC Drivers HeadQuarters (DHQ), a company that is already 15 years and is leading in driver scanning/detection technology. DHQ is a globally trusted driver update authority, and the only Driver Update tool that uses Machine Intelligence.
  • Machine Intelligence

    As mentioned, Driver Detective is the only Driver Update tool that uses Machine Intelligence, a technology unique to DHQ. This is a community supported technology enabling Driver Detective to provide you with the most reliable and accurate driver updates for your computer.

    The driver updates are based on the manufacturer, family, model, and motherboard of your computer. This feature will prevent you to install wrong hardware device drivers, and you don’t need to worry about sudden device driver troubles that can be triggered when the installed drivers have been corrupted or deleted.

  • Driver Backup

    Driver Detective is equipped with a built-in device driver backup wizard that enables you to copy your driver updates to a CD, network folder, or USB storage device. You may also access your downloaded driver updates through any PC with internet connection by using your account.

  • Trusted Driver Update Software

    Aside from the built in features and performance, another factor that you must consider is the wide-range access of Driver Detective to more than 27 million associated device drivers. These driver updates came from numerous and well known hardware device manufacturers such as ASUS, Dell, Toshiba, IBM, Samsung, Sony, Acer, et al.
    DHQ have a 10 person research team, solely responsible for finding all device related software and driver updates from various sources. Before adding these software and drivers to DHQ Driver Database, relevant data will be extracted, and it will be validated and tested first. The Driver Publishing procedure of DHQ will definitely remove your worries about downloading drivers bundled with spyware, malwares, and computer viruses.

    Additionally, Driver Detective is a Microsoft Certified Partner, and by default, part of the stages of its Driver Scan is to connect to Microsoft Windows Update services for available device driver update. PC Drivers HeadQuarters is also partnered with Norton AntiVirus by Symantec, and according to a comment of Bogdan Odulinski, VP Marketing of PC DriversHeadQuarters, "Norton PC Checkup enables us to check for security and performance problems in addition to missing or faulty device drivers."

Considering what we have discussed, you can clearly conclude that the answer to the question "Is Driver Detective Safe?" is definitely YES! And having these evidences, you can try Driver Detective Free Scan now, and check for yourself the benefits that you can enjoy by letting Driver Detective take care of your hardware device driver updates.