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Driver Detective Version Updates

This article will provide a brief overview of the software versions of Driver Detective, including the main improvements of this driver update tool, both in physical interface, features, and performance.

Even though there are few information gathered by our team when it comes to earlier versions of Driver Detective, this page will let you have a glimpse of how Driver Detective software is continuing to improve in order to provide the best automated Driver Update solutions for PC users.

Version 8

Screenshot #1: "About Driver Detective" Window of Version

If you installed Driver Detective or updated your software version in the Q2 of 2012, you might have installed version 8 such as Driver Detective version There are many changes with this software version, and the most noticeable changes can be seen in the physical interface of Driver Detective. For example, the tab icons such as the EZ Migrator icon is now more appropriate for its function compared to the icon used in version 7.

Screenshot #2: "Tools tab" Window of Version

The Tools menu has also been simplified to cater the options needed by PC users. In version 7, you will need to scroll down to access some of the category and corresponding functions, but in version 8, the categories have been displayed as links for easier access.

Version 7

Screenshot #3: "About Driver Detective" Window of Version

With the continuous innovation in technology, thousands of new computer peripherals, devices, and computer versions are being developed. To provide solutions for device driver related issues being encountered by many PC users, Driver Detective software provided software improvements, both in physical interface and in the main feature of Driver Search and Download.

The buttons, icons, and options have been developed to provide a user friendly software interface. For example, when you select a device with outdated driver, you can hit the blue button labelled as Next to download the required driver or set of device drivers.

Screenshot #4: "Driver Scan Results" Window of Version 7

The latest release of Driver Detective version 7 has the access to more than 27 million associated device drivers, and the starting with the latter versions of this Driver Update tool version 7, it became a software partner of Norton by Symantec.

Version 6

When it comes to old versions, version 6 is one of the oldest versions that customers can recall, and compared to the latest version of Driver Detective software, all version 6 (version,,, and so on) are far inferior.

Back then, the earlier Driver Detective versions only support more than 3 million different drivers, and non-savvy PC users will have trouble figuring out how Driver Detective works because there are many icons used to describe the drivers installed in a computer.

Screenshot #5: "Driver Scan Results" Window of Version 6

In addition, the built-in Wizard known as EZ Migrator is labelled as smart Vista Upgrade Wizard in the earlier versions of Driver Detective (years when Windows 7 was not yet introduced).


Overall, as one of the leading software for driver download and repair, Driver Detective will continue to improve to help PC users like you with driver related issues and to let you enjoy the best performance of your computer when it comes to device drivers.