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How to Uninstall Driver Detective?

Uninstalling Driver Detective is simply like uninstalling other software applications installed on your computer. Even though the uninstalling steps might slightly differ compared to other PCs installed with other Windows OS, the concept is very similar.

This uninstalling guide is designed for newbie or non-savvy PC users who for some reasons want to uninstall Driver Detective from their PCs.

Let us consider uninstalling Driver Detective through the Control Panel of a Windows 7-based PC.

1. The first step is to click the Windows button, and then click the Control Panel

However, if your settings differ from our example and you can't see any Control Panel link or icon after clicking the Windows button, then you can just type the phrase "Control Panel" in the Search box and then click the Control Panel in the search results.

2. Click Uninstall Program in the Control Panel window

Screenshot #1: Control Panel Window

3. Locate Driver Detective in the list of Programs, select it, and then click Change

Screenshot #2: Uninstall Driver Detective

After that, the InstallShield Wizard of Driver Detective will guide you throughout the rest of the procedure.

4. Click the Next button, select Remove, and then hit the Next button

Screenshot #3: Removing Driver Detective

If your copy of Driver Detective is an unregistered version, then you might notice a pop-up window after you click on the Next button, this pop-up window will offer you to buy Driver Detective with a 50% discount.

So, if you haven't tried the features of Driver Detective that are only available in the registered version, such as the Driver Update Download, EZ Migrator, Driver Backup Wizard, etc, you can take advantage of this offer.

5. Click Remove, and then wait until the process finishes

Screenshot #4: Removing Process

6. After that, click the button labelled Finish to end the procedure

Screenshot #5: Uninstallation Complete

So think twice before uninstalling Driver Detective on your computer, and consider the benefits that you will miss, such as its main feature to keep all the drivers of your computer up-to-date and maintain your PC's top performance when it comes to device drivers.