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Machine Intelligence Overview

Machine Intelligence is a unique community supported technology featured by Driver Detective software to provide you with the most accurate device driver recommendations for your PC. This post will speak about the features of this technology and its benefits that you can enjoy while using Driver Detective.

Driver Detective software leads in providing manufacturer specific device drivers for your computer. If you own a HP PC, Driver Detective software will specifically provide you with device drivers for your HP branded computer. Of course, you must Download Driver Detective software first, and install it on your computer.

After the installation process, you can launch Driver Detective to see firsthand how the Machine Intelligence technology works to identify your computer.

a. Welcome Screen of Driver Detective

You will be greeted by a welcome message, and you can already see if Driver Detective successfully indentified your computer, but you can also change your computer identity (machine brand, product line, product model), especially if your computer is custom built.

You can do this by clicking the Change option beside your computer brand and model in the welcome screen or in the Tools tab.

b. Another Option to Change Machine Identity

By default settings, Driver Detective will use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Match Intelligence to automatically identify your computer.

c. Driver Detective OEM, Auto Select IQ, and Model Search Box

On the other hand, there are cases when Driver Detective will not be able to completely identify your computer as shown by the Auto Select IQ bar, and during these cases, you can manually complete the missing fields.

You can also try to search your computer model by typing it in the Model Search box. For example, you can type the word "Presario", and then you can manually select the specific HP/Compaq Presario product model of your computer.

In case that you can't find the specific model of your computer, you can use the option "Ask PC Drivers Headquarters Support Staffs a Question" to send your specific machine information and let them know that your PC model is not included in the list of PC models.

d. Option to Ask PC Drivers HeadQuaters Staffs a Question

But if your PC is a custom built, then there is a big possibility that Driver Detective will not be able to identify your machine automatically.

e. Failed to Determine Machine Configuration message

In such cases, you can just choose the option "Use Driver Detective Universal Match Intelligence" to let Driver Detective recommend universal device drivers for your computer.

f. Driver Detective Universal Match Intelligence

On the other hand, if you know the custom components of your computer (specifically the motherboard), you can also choose the option "Use Driver Detective Motherboard Match Intelligence" and specify the Motherboard Manufacturer, Series, and Model to let Driver Detective prioritize motherboard drivers for your computer during the driver search and download process.

g. Driver Detective Motherboard Match Intelligence

If you are not sure about the details of your computer (Machine/Motherboard manufacturer and model), you can click the Help Me Choose button to view detailed information about your computer.

h. Machine Information

In case that Driver Detective software has already identified your machine automatically before you make some changes, and you want to just use the machine identity provided by Driver Detective automatically, you can just click the Auto Select button.

h. Auto Select

After successfully identifying your computer, you can now run a Free Driver Scan to check the driver updates provided by Driver Detective software for your computer.