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Driver Detective Registration Key - What You Need to Know

Without a valid driver detective registration key, it’s impossible to experience full features and benefits of Driver Detective, an award-winning driver repair and download software.
With that in mind, this post is intended to help those who need more information on how to obtain a registration key for Driver Detective, including a word of caution and suggestions for those who are searching for a free registration key.

Don’t Know How to Register Driver Detective?

Need some help during the driver detective registration process?
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If you don’t need help, but want to access the first step of the registration process, please follow this link.

Looking for a Free Driver Detective Registration Key?

Before we speak about the risks associated with looking for and trying to use free driver detective registration keys and a recommended suggestion, let us first assume what you have done so far:
You’ve already downloaded the latest version of Driver Detective and run a free driver scan. After you hit the Next button, the Registration Required window popped up with the last sentence stating: “Would you like to Register Driver Detective now to begin fixing your drivers?” You clicked on the Yes button, and the following window appeared:
a) Driver Detective Registration Key Window:
From this point forward, you possibly clicked the Activate button, followed a few more steps and came to learn that a Driver Detective license key cost is $29.95 for one year and $39.90 for two years.
Then you have possibly said to yourself “I don’t want to pay that much, I am going to search the Internet for a free registration key first.”
Now we will mention a few risks you may not be familiar with, especially the second one:
This risk is well known, but it serves as a reminder and in case you are a newbie PC user you want to take it into account. While searching for a free key, you may visit websites that offer key generation file downloads.

You can be certain that some of these executable files are bundled with spyware/adware and other harmful viruses such as Trojans, crashers, and worms. Yes, by looking for a free key, you are putting your PC in a great danger and possibly creating more problems, which will cost you more time, energy, and further frustration.
When you download Driver Detective and install it on your computer, Driver Detective will assign a unique machine identifier to your computer. You can view this identifier by clicking on the small triangle to the right of the Help button, and then click on About Driver Detective. The following window will appear:
b) Driver Detective Machine Identifier:

In the section marked in red, you will find your machine identifier.
If you keep on looking for free Driver Detective registration keys and keep on trying to activate the software with expired and invalid keys, Driver Detective system will detect this – it will link your machine identifier with numerous registration key entries - and eventually block your PC.
Yes, this process can cost you a lot of time and energy and you really have to ask yourself, what is your time worth? Once you figure that out, compare it with the time-saving benefits of Driver Detective. Remember, also, that you can use one license for up to ten PCs, meaning that eveyone in your household can enjoy the benefits of this tool.
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